Our SuperStar 4 Life character development program gives you mini goals each week (the weekly mission) that build on the previous skills, involving the whole family in the fun. The missions enhance our student’s character in three main areas: Personal Development (both physically and mentally), Community Involvement (home, school, work, etc.) and Martial Arts Training.

When you come to class you will receive a mission and character cards (or download below) to fill out and return for points. Every season (Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter), we will have a specific theme we will be covering for a 12 week period. We highly recommend you and your child review the missions together in the morning and at night (breakfast and dinner usually work best) 2-3 times per week.

When students turn in their Superstar 4 Life Missions two weeks prior to Graduation they will be eligible to earn special Future SuperStar, Rising SuperStar or SuperStar belt stripe as well as a limited edition SuperStar 4 Life wristband. If they earn a minimum of 50 points they will receive an invitation for themselves and two of their closest friends to come to a VIP Mission Party.

Fall Mission week 12:

Fall Mission week 11:

Fall Mission week 10:

Fall Mission week 9:

Fall Mission week 8:

Fall Mission week 7:

Fall Mission week 6:

Fall Mission week 5:

Fall Mission week 4:

Fall Mission week 3:

Fall Mission weeks 1 & 2: