About LCMA

LCMA offers the finest martial arts training for both families and individuals in the Lake Country Area.

Students ages four to adult enjoy martial arts as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Our black belt instructors are dedicated to developing the whole student. We work with individual students and their families to determine how martial arts can best benefit them and create a program that balances progress in physical techniques, leadership characteristics, and community service.

At LCMA we expect our students to be dedicated to their training and give their all every class, we are looking for your best, and want you to develop the best version of you possible. LCMA Instructors are constantly training and always seeking out the best instruction for our own continuing education

Promotion happens when students have achieved the minimum class attendance requirements and have demonstrated competency in the required skill areas of striking, form, and self defense. Instructors work closely with students following a curriculum designed to encourage success by continuing to build their skills.

Students must always demonstrate the qualities of a Black Belt (Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self –Control, and Indomitable Spirit) on and off the training floor. This expectation applies to all students whether they are currently black belts or on the path to black belt. Instructors will maintain a positive learning environment and help students reach their full potential.